Social media channels seem to be popping up everywhere, almost so it easy to lose track. They fall in and out of popularity, algorithms change and platforms continuously develop offering new technologies for targeting and tracking metrics.


Which channels are best to target your audience?

How is best to engage with your ideal client?

Video and live video are growing how can you adapt?

How can social media assist in achieving organic business growth?

How much should be spent on advertising?

We can help you with your social media plans creating blog content, articles and scheduled posts, all fully integrated with your plans. We can keep your social media on brand and differentiate, remind, inform and persuade your followers moving them along the buying journey.


Clear Goal Marketing can assist in the following areas:


Social media channel development

Blog content and articles

Scheduled posts & activity

Social media planning

Organic & paid growth

Campaign development

Social & website integration

Lead handling - lead magnets & sales funnels



Social Media


Keep your online presence on-track, by focusing on the right platforms for your business and by being consistent, creative and engaging.


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