6-Figure 'Get Rich Quick' Scams

There seem to be so many opportunities to 'Get Rich Quickly' online. Popular in the coaching industry, the "Learn how I generated a 6-figure income" marketing hook is frequently used as a way of attracting clients. This article discusses the overall ‘hype of it all’ and whether it actually delivers the right type of client. This type of marketing, with its mendacious sounding headlines, is often too good to be true. A one-size fits all strategy when it comes to digital marketing strategy, funnel building and whatever else, is not possible. For the entrepreneur and small business these claims can be very distracting causing businesses to go off-track, drawn in by the chance of quick results g

Achieving a High Google Ranking – how important is it for businesses?

Many people think of Google as the digital-age Yellow Pages! We discuss here; how important is a high rank on Google for businesses online? Should businesses aim for page one ranking? We also share some tips on how a high ranking can be achieved. Google now dominates 90% searches, which is pretty much a monopoly. It can be tempting to crave to be number one in Google search, but is it the place to be for your company? There are certainly many ways to improve your rank and is it possible to still cheat? There are lots of SEO companies out there who mislead and trick companies into paying monthly fees in return for automatically generated reports and graphs. Baffled by the page and pages o

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