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Sometimes extra resource is needed when it comes to marketing a business.

This can be for many reasons....You may feel that you need a little guidance as a business startup to get started so you can more confidently carry out your own marketing.  Or you have a special project or launch you need extra resource to run.  Perhaps you just need a helping hand to support an existing team in integrating new marketing facets such as social media or coping with changing regulations.  If you do not have a marketing function and need one - we can help you set one up. 


If you are looking to employ a marketing consultant, we offer short term or long term contracts, online consultancy via Skype or Zoom, or brainstorming workshops face-to-face.


If your needs are more ongoing, we can discuss an arrangement for as many hours or days you require per month in delivering your marketing deliverables for a set monthly fee.


You can book an initial free 30 minute marketing strategy call here to discuss your requirements.


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