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6 Basic Tips for Boosting Rank Organically - SEO Content Strategy

Content marketing

Getting a website is the easy part, it's keeping a constant flow of traffic that is the bigger challenge.  By ensuring SEO is setup correctly for target keywords, and implementing an on-going content strategy that is consistent and frequent, a steady flow of traffic can be achieved.  

In the blog we explain in the basics of how search engines work and share six of easiest and best SEO content strategies to implement for success.  

How Search Engines Work

You've probably heard of search engine spiders.  Search engines have 'crawlers’ that collect information by trawling or crawling through websites looking for relevant content to deliver search results to a potential customer.  

With Google being the search engine of choice, with 75% net share of all search engine searches, you may find yourself asking how you can improve your website’s performance organically on Google without paying for reach.

A high ranking on Google can be achieved either through paid reach or organically (having a content strategy).  If you would like to read more about this, we debate here:  Achieving a High Rank on Google - how important it is for businesses?

6 SEO Boosters:

1)   Produce fresh content

New content on your website is a must to boost your SEO success.  Research your customer profile so you know what will attract them.  

High quality, keyword fuelled, frequent posts in your blog or news section will all help.  Blogs are the best way to generate this type of fresh, information-rich content geared at raising your authority and profile in your chosen sector.  Aim for 300-500 words for each of your blog or news articles and aim to write in an engaging way that will attract your target audience. 

ATTENTION: don’t forget the CUROSITY MAGNETS – these are the article’s heading and its accompanying image – these should aim to arouse curiosity in the form of a relevant picture or infographic that is sure to attract the clicks.  Get this right and your post could attract 500% more traffic. 

Through content, aim to reflect your business or brand ‘human personality’ as to reinforce the connection through multi-channels consistently.  Read the Search Engine Journal for more information on how to increase blog engagement.

2)  Share Stories

Everyone loves a story and not just at bedtime.  So why not have a dedicated website page that oozes company ethos and personality.

Show off your success stories, challenging projects, behind-the-scenes day-in-the-life and interviews with key personnel.  Sharing this kind of content will set your company apart from its competition. 

Always be professional and a little bit ‘quirky’ letting the personality shine through.  Your content should be written in a voice that will feel authentic to audience and in-line with any existing brand guidelines. 

Focus on your business's uniqueness and differentiation. 

Do not forget to insert keywords.

3) Embrace FAQs or Tips

FAQs are a fantastic way of adding new content to your site on a regular basis.  There is nothing worse than being asked to answer the same question over and over. 

Why not create an FAQ section to your website and every time a customer asks you a question, upload your answer.  Creating a ‘Top Tips’ section can also show off your knowledge and authority.  

A customer is more likely to contact you or make a purchase if you’re able to convince them that you know your stuff.

4) Ask for Testimonials

You can keep broadcasting how brilliant your business is to your heart’s content, but reviews are far more convincing!  Every time you get a satisfied customer, ask them to write you a testimonial and request permission to post it on your website and social media profiles. 

If they are super happy maybe their generosity will also stretch to a Google reviews?  After all, it’s true that if you ‘don’t ask you won’t get’.  The more high-star ratings you get the more likely you are to rank highly on Google. 

5) Feed your Social – just the crumbs not the whole cake!

Steer clear of writing your content articles on social media platforms, be selfish and keep your content all to yourself.  Anything on your website it yours to keep. 

Having a ‘hub’ for all your content prevents the creation of dreaded duplicate content that can restrict your ranking.  Visitor numbers will increase to your website which will, in turn, increase the likelihood of search engines finding you.

Create the blog, article, news story, whatever it is and write a comment linking to your website post on your chosen social media platform in a tone that suits the channel.  

Doing it this way means that your content can be easily re-purposed later.  With the exception to this, You-Tube is a great video hub channel videos.  Using You-Tube can help videos load quicker, however is not great if videos are for exclusive viewing only.  Read further on how to create a You-Tube channel.

6) Keep an eye on your sector & competitors

OK then, so you think you are an authority on windows – so why are you not talking about building regulations and energy-ratings?  

Whatever your business, aim to stay well informed about what is happening in your industry. Subscribe to online journals in your sector, follow competitors on social media and use what you see to inspire future content. 

The above tips are just some of the ways you can help the search engine spiders reach your online door through website content.  Why not subscribe to our blog for more marketing tips?

Clear Goal Marketing is a marketing consultancy in Wolverhampton assisting entrepreneurs and small-medium sized business owners with their marketing through offering a marketing support service that cuts through jargon and offers a clear, concise, no-nonsense solution. 

We aim to create, develop and communicate brand messages perfectly to attract profitable audience interaction more likely to turn into business.  

If Clear Goal can be of assistance to you contact Wendy email or tel:  07980 707198 or visit

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