6 Basic Tips for Boosting Rank Organically - SEO Content Strategy

Content marketing

Getting a website is the easy part, it's keeping a constant flow of traffic that is the bigger challenge.  By ensuring SEO is setup correctly for target keywords, and implementing an on-going content strategy that is consistent and frequent, a steady flow of traffic can be achieved.  

In the blog we explain in the basics of how search engines work and share six of easiest and best SEO content strategies to implement for success.  

How Search Engines Work

You've probably heard of search engine spiders.  Search engines have 'crawlers’ that collect information by trawling or crawling through websites looking for relevant content to deliver search results to a potential customer.  

With Google being the search engine of choice, with 75% net share of all search engine searches, you may find yourself asking how you can improve your website’s performance organically on Google without paying for reach.

A high ranking on Google can be achieved either through paid reach or organically (having a content strategy).  If you would like to read more about this, we debate here:  Achieving a High Rank on Google - how important it is for businesses?

6 SEO Boosters:

1)   Produce fresh content

New content on your website is a must to boost your SEO success.  Research your customer profile so you know what will attract them.  

High quality, keyword fuelled, frequent posts in your blog or news section will all help.  Blogs are the best way to generate this type of fresh, information-rich content geared at raising your authority and profile in your chosen sector.  Aim for 300-500 words for each of your blog or news articles and aim to write in an engaging way that will attract your target audience.