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6-Figure 'Get Rich Quick' Scams

There seem to be so many opportunities to 'Get Rich Quickly' online. Popular in the coaching industry, the "Learn how I generated a 6-figure income" marketing hook is frequently used as a way of attracting clients.

This article discusses the overall ‘hype of it all’ and whether it actually delivers the right type of client. This type of marketing, with its mendacious sounding headlines, is often too good to be true. A one-size fits all strategy when it comes to digital marketing strategy, funnel building and whatever else, is not possible.

For the entrepreneur and small business these claims can be very distracting causing businesses to go off-track, drawn in by the chance of quick results generated from latest online marketing strategy or shiny object.

Is it just hype?

Who knows? But the video recorded from (their / a) yacht is enough to arouse intrigue and before you know it you’ve signed up to watch their ‘how to generate a 6/7-figure income’ two hour seminar. Whatever they are they certainly grab attention.

A six-figure plague, like chain letter gone viral

Facebook is the worst place for this and it’s spreading like a six-figure plague, like chain letter gone viral, stealing hours of your life if you let it.

I am for one glad that Facebook’s algorithm changes mean we have been seeing less of these organically of late.

However, many are now happy to shell out on ‘sponsored’ adverts which does not make them any more legitimate.

Secret techniques

I would say there are some legitimate strategies out there, however it would be unrealistic to think everyone can leverage a 6-figure income. To gain access to the ‘secrets techniques’ often means further outlays in cash and time.

A few of my clients find it overwhelming when life as a new entrepreneur can be tough, while others boast of their millions made so easily seemingly overnight. They fear they are ‘doing it all wrong and ‘missing a trick’ and that there must be an 'short-cut'.

One size does not fit all

Quick and fast solutions may exist, however with any quick wins they are often unsustainable in the long-term.

measure tape

They may end up costing you more in terms of lost brand authenticity and regaining this can be difficult when consumer confidence has been damaged through ‘spammy marketing’ techniques. The strategy may not be suitable for your brand or sector.


Since the introduction of the GDPR regulations we are all expected to be ‘whiter than white’ when it comes to respecting privacy or face hefty fines.

You may have started with the best intentions with a marketing strategy and plan, but it has fallen by the wayside. It’s easy to be distracted by what others are doing or the latest marketing tools geared at delivering instant results.

Stay on-track

It’s like running on the treadmill whilst juggling all your essential balls you cannot afford to let go and being thrown several new ones; sales funnels, PPC, messenger bots etc.

These new digital marketing techniques are great, however should be used as part of your grand marketing plan and not distracting from achieving your business goals.

Time is precious and there seems more than ever to do, making it more important to plan. When the marketing playground offers a plethora of off-the-shelf online tools it is tempting for businesses to use ‘pick up and run tools’.

The dangers are throwing too much in the marketing mix and confusing your audience or running out of time and failing to achieve the important stuff.

Consumer confidence

It’s not only business owners that are affected by marketing hype, consumers are at risk too. Everyone is intrigued by a bargain, especially one that appears to be endorsed by a key influencer for celebrity. “It must be real as so and so famous person is in the advert”.

Currently there seems to be little control over the fake and imitation adverts seen as ‘sponsored posts’.

Last year, it was reported that Martin Lewis’s the money saving expert is pursuing high court proceedings against Facebook for defamation over publishing of spam adverts containing photos and endorsements.

More control over social media spam is needed to protect the vulnerable which is hurting consumer confidence online, making it more difficult for the genuine businesses to sell and influence online effectively.

Severe lack of planning

A lack of planning can make you more predisposed to “fast results strategies”. It’s like driving somewhere unfamiliar without a map.

The lack of marketing planning will burn your budget fast whilst confusing your audience – your petrol tank is now on empty and the destination is nowhere in sight.

As explained in our article Marketing Planning in an Evolving Digital World, the best strategy to have is a combination of planned and flexible.

Checking that any unplanned activity is authentic and in accordance with your core brand identity and values, staying well and truly “on-message”.

Tough love

Anything that sounds too good to be true normally is and that still applies today. It’s just harder to ignore and much more convincing.

Piggybank cow covered in hearts

Best go home

If you don’t plan you plan to fail – Benjamin Franklin. The lack of planning can waste precious time and resources. It can also leave businesses exposed to quick fixes, shiny new technologies and disorganised chaos.

If you find yourself tempted by spammy marketing techniques, feeling unsure or lack of marketing planning is driving you crazy - we can certainly help.

Clear Goal Marketing aims to assist small-medium sized business owners and start-ups achieve their business goals through effective marketing project management and strategy planning.

If Clear Goal can assist contact Wendy Fenney email or tel: 07980 707198 or visit

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