Embracing Smart Technology is the UK ready for the next level?

Toshiba Alexa Wireless Speaker

So, the Facebook privacy scandal and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) ‘manic panic’ seems to have gone quiet? However, as a result people’s awareness of online privacy has increased. The growth of smart home technology adoption is set to become hindered by an obvious battle between ‘convenience’ and ‘privacy protection’.

Clear Goal Marketing consultancy has a keen interest in all things marketing related. Technology changes and use of data being pivotal in how we approach our marketing in the future; it’s something we all need to evolve with. As a Christmas treat we wanted to contribute an article on the adoption of smart technology. Most of us have smartphones, however what do we think of smart speakers or home assistants or smart hubs whatever you choose to call them?

Is it actually SMART move to invest in a smart speaker? That is the question.

Christmas Party Tricks at the Ready!

The Christmas season has seen marketing advertising campaigns for Amazon Echo Dot promoting the convenience of the device in turning on/off Christmas lights and music simply by talking to Alexa. Most of the country has the annoyance of turning on and off their Christmas lights every night.

Turning on music via voice control – what an impressive party trick that could be? They are both nothing more than clever marketing tactics to boost sales.

Another marketing strategy targeting families is through promotion of another convenient smart speaker feature enabling children’s bedroom lights to be turned off through voice instruction.

Will the smart speaker and voice control really replace kissing the children goodnight? I sincerely hope not….

No-one can argue that these small conveniences make life easier and it certainly does build awareness effectively and encourage people to consider the technology along with what other menial tasks the home assistant can help with.

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