Clear Goal Marketing

Friendly, reliable and dependable marketing services for business owners and SMEs. 

Clear Goal Marketing is a freelance agency based in Wolverhampton, on the border of West Midlands, Staffordshire, Shropshire. We can also offer nationwide support through our virtual online marketing service.


We can help with:

Advertising & campaign development



Graphic design

Marketing planning & tactics

Public relations management

Social media management

Strategic planning

Website design & SEO


Clear Goal is headed-up by Wendy Fenney, an experienced and qualified CIM Marketing Postgraduate with experience spanning 20 years in sales and marketing, corporate branding and communications. Her career to date has been spent in aerospace and industrial engineering, construction building products and contracting services. 


We have extensive knowledge of marketing technical products, dealing with new product launches and managing events. Experienced in business to business B2B marketing, as well as B2C business to consumer, we deal with multi-channels and complex routes to market covering retail, trade and commercial.


Our ethos is that all marketing investments should have a clear goal in mind. We believe that by strategising and mapping out intentions the journey will always end somewhere rewarding. We aim to assist business owners whether they are just starting out or looking to grow, to achieve.

Wendy Fenney Clear Goal Marketing