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Connecting with your audience online is of paramount importance, whether it be through your website, social channels or digital advertising. 

What we can do for you...

Online presence is a must nowadays, but it’s not just a box to tick. It is important that your website looks professional, attracts your target audience and mobile and tablet friendly.


However, it’s not all about looks...


Other factors such as ease of navigation, fast load speed, customer journey, content and imagery. It’s what’s inside that matters, bringing users back time and time again to read new content, your subscribers are your real fans.

It really is all in the words...


It’s true that people do not read pages of text online, but it is the words that bring them to you through algorithm search engine magic!


A plan to improve SEO ranking legitimately by focusing on creating mind-blowing unique content that search engines will love and will attract visitors. With the algorithm changes engaging content is key and to avoid high bounce rates by being open, honest and helpful by providing information aimed to help visitors and increase your authority levels. It’s all about attracting the perfect customer for you, by doing that they will be more inclined to buy. Attract the wrong person and their sharp exit will result in a high bounce rate!


Clear Goal can advise on digital marketing as part of your overall strategy:  

Being Google friendly

Paid Vs organic ranking 

Website structure & content

Use of social media

Appearing in local searches

Use of directories

Inbound / Outbound links

Key competitor research

Use of video 

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