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Where there's a business goal there's a

Clear Goal

The right mix of marketing for business owners and SMEs provided through our flexible management service. 

Clear Goal Marketing is a friendly bolt-on outsourcing solution for small to medium-sized businesses, providing marketing management services on a flexible basis. Where a full time onsite marketing resource does not exist, we bring valuable expertise through a single point of contact working directly on your business.  


We have a strong background in construction products and manufacturing so are well-versed in the marketing technical-orientated products, however, we remain fully adaptable to other sectors. 


Clear Goal Marketing prides itself in its perceptive listening skills firstly looking to clarify goals and target audience before strategy, message and tactics are developed.  Clear Goal Marketing likes to ensure each pound of the budget is spent wisely and activity is continuously monitored against desired outcomes. 


The service we provide includes marketing planning, marketing campaigns, literature, copywriting, case studies, blogs, websites and social media management. 


The secret to achieving the greatest impact is to get the mix of activity exactly right and implement an integrated approach with a strong focus on consistency of messaging.  Clients can choose to outsource whatever marketing they need to, freeing up their time so they can focus on running their businesses.   


Friendly, focused and value for money; we’re always on your side. 


No questions are silly - we will help you achieve clarity with your strategy, no waste or faffing around. 


We’re well-rounded in all aspects of marketing meaning whatever you think you will need, or end up needing as your business grows, we can advise and make it happen.

3) ACCESSIBLE   expertise

It's true that marketing agencies can be expensive - so we're not. 


Attentive listening, meticulous planning and fair rates mean we are an invaluable bolt-on to your business.

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