The service we provide includes strategic marketing planning and campaign planning for business growth as well as monthly support packages for businesses and essential marketing sales kits for start-ups. 

The secret to achieving the greatest impact is to get the mix of activity exactly right and implement an integrated approach with a strong focus on consistency of messaging.  Clients can choose to outsource all their marketing or just certain elements, freeing up their time so they can focus on running their businesses.

Marketing management is the overseeing of the promotion of a business, service or product, or brand.  If you think about a job description for marketing manager today in terms of a small-medium business it would probably include duties such as: 


Sometimes an additional resource is needed when it comes to marketing a business, which can be for a variety of reasons.  


If you are looking to employ a marketing consultant, we offer short term or long term contracts, online consultancy via Skype or Zoom, or brainstorming workshops face-to-face.


You can book an initial free 30-minute marketing strategy call here to discuss your requirements.

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Access to freelance marketing services available short-term or long-term contracts to suit the needs of your business.

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