What is Marketing Management? And Why Employ an Agency to Manage your Company's Marketing?

This is a question we come across often: "What exactly is marketing management?" It sounds in itself quite self-explanatory, but it creates confusion when there are now a multitude of services on offer, such as: digital marketing, creative design, strategy, social media management and websites. With so many specialists around, how can businesses decide which is the best for them based on their needs?

Well, it often comes down to available resource they have in-house, their budget and whether they have a specific strategy. Our clients often come to us having tried ‘elements of marketing' in a rather sporadic and inconsistent way.

They often say "we've tried a little bit of this.... and a little bit of that" – yes, rather like the Birdie Song - do you remember the dance? This often occurs when marketing funds are low and a ‘micro-view’ is adopted that focuses on smaller projects and firefighting. "Let’s do this event." OK, what do we need? (Kind of scenario). This can result in the failure to see bigger opportunities that could create a more impact. Through adopting a holistic approach to marketing, a solid plan can be developed that closely aligns marketing strategy with commercial objectives and attracts ideal clients or the most profitable work.

Also companies see marketing as an 'additional expense' and not for the value it brings. Marketing can payback very quickly if carefully aligned to business strategy.

The outsourcing solution we offer at Clear Goal Marketing is “marketing management”, which can be compared to a business employing a marketing manager. Wendy Fenney, owner of CGM says:

"As a marketing manager by trade for almost 20 years, I guess I could call myself an expert in this area. I like to think that I am someone who has a broad-spectrum of marketing knowledge and skills, who can quickly ‘get to grips’ with understanding companies' needs, help them define their strategy, develop a marketing plan that delivers their objectives and a schedule to make it happen."

Marketing management is defining everything that a company needs in respect of its marketing activity, drawing it up into a plan and scheduling it so it runs smoothly.

Why employ an agency to manage your company's marketing?