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Marketing Messaging:  Defining Customer Needs, Key Messages & Call to Actions

Call to action - Clear Goal Marketing

Successful marketing is all about effective communications and messaging. Clear Goal Marketing gives some tips here on how to define your customers’ needs and offer solutions (i.e your products and services), create core messages or “hooks” and call to actions (what 'action' should your target customer take next?).

Defining Customer Needs & Offering Solutions

  • What is the need you are satisfying?

  • What are the benefits / USPs of your offer?

  • What are the features of your product / service?

  • What are the advantages over your competition?

Key message

  • What is the “HOOK”?

  • What emotions will your target audience feel when presented with your offer?

  • What market testing will be required?

Call to action

  • What will trigger a positive target audience response?

  • What action will your target audience take next? i.e completion of an enquiry form, will they telephone or email you direct, sign-up to a free trial, make a purchase?

Once you have a clear definition of your customers’ needs, key messages and call to actions, the next stage is considering how you will create differentiation and choose the right marketing tools to promote your products and services – read more here.

Clear Goal Marketing offers marketing management services to small to medium-sized businesses. Did you know that we offer a strategy development package? Read more here.

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