Case study - turning a 'problem' into a successful marketing strategy

When presented with a business issue, most just think to problem solve in the hope of finding an immediate fix. However, with strategic marketing it is possible to turn issues on their head and create something exceptional for business... the metaphor 'thinking outside the box' springs to mind.

This case study is an overview of the application of strategic marketing in the creation of a membership network that was developed, implemented and managed to make fabricators’ more successful when supplying windows, doors and curtain walling to the ‘commercial’ sector.

marketing consultancy - thinking outside the box

Problem solving at its best

This is an example of how a carefully thought-out business marketing strategy does not only result in effective problem solving and productivity efficiency gains, but also significant improvement in customer loyalty and a competitive business edge.

The scheme requires research, strategy development, launch plans and roll-out of marketing campaigns, working closely with the commercial sales director and in-house graphic design team. This experience was gained during working for a market leader of extruded plastics for building products.

Weaknesses become opportunities

This project is a prime example of how what once was a major “issue” and business weakness can be turned on its head and developed into a “competitive advantage”. It’s often that during the search for a solution and that ‘light-bulb moments’ happen, and great ideas are born.

A problem for one is often an issue for many and it is the early bird that catches the worm through thinking strategically and being first to launch an idea ahead of the competition.

The marketing strategy formula

The premise of the network at the time was to gain control over commercial projects, to better manage technical resources and to improve brand reputation through achieving greater consistency in terms of product and service delivery. More information here about why the scheme was needed.