Tips on Keyword Research for Effective Blog Writing

Keyword research is an essential requirement when it comes to blogging, as it assesses the requirement for information and any gaps. The keyword choice determines the success of a blog and is important from a search engine or SEO perspective.  

Below is some advice on effective keyword research to fuel your blogs with the good stuff.  If you are unsure whether blogging is right for you perhaps you should read this blog first:  Why Businesses Should Blog as Part of Their PR Strategy.

Use of Keywords and Keyword Strings

keywords scrabble

Keywords are the guess work behind SEO, creating a list of words that the target audience is likely to search.  Tools like can be useful when researching topic areas.  Keywords should be included in the title of your blog and early on to be most effective.

Aim for 350 words and include variations of the keywords but ENSURE the blog reads natural.

Spending some time understanding the keywords your target audience uses will give you a much better chance of showing up in the search results. 

For your blog to contain keywords that your audience will search, you should RESEARCH suitable keywords beforehand and structure your blog around them.  

Check out what your COMPETITORS are doing, especially those who appear at the top of Google – what keywords and keyword strings are they using?

The density of your keywords should appear natural and include variations and related phrases.  Write your blog as long as it needs to be, aiming for at least 350 words, longer if justified.

A keyword string could be “How can I get my product specified by architects”, “What is the best car for a large family”.  These keyword searches will become more important as “Voice Search” grows.