Marketing Strategy – How to Define your Vision, Purpose, Unique Selling Points & Target Audience

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It is important that all businesses have their own, clear and concise, marketing strategy. One that is it not only visionary and drives your business in the right direction, but also considers how it will stand out from its competition, make profits and deliver customer value.

Clear Goal Marketing explains how to go about defining things like your business’s vision, unique selling points (USPs) and target audiences, easily but effectively.

Purpose & Strengths

Investigating our key business purpose and strengths are a great way of finding out what our “USPs” or Unique Selling Points are.  These are the things that our business does well, or better than its competitors, and considers what generates the most profits.

Think about the following questions and create a list:

  • What are your business’s key strengths?

  • What is your business known for in your sector?

  • What drives your profits?

  • What is your business passionate about?

  • Who is your preferred customer or client? (See below)

Target Audience

This is about identifying potential purchasers of your product or service.  Ask yourself the following questions and make as many notes as you can: