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6 Top Marketing Tips for a Successful 2021

2020 was an unprecedented year where most plans ended up been thrown out of the window and converting to a week-by-week 'fluid approach'. Although we would all like to be starting the new year afresh, the battle and uncertainty unfortunately still continues. Here we share our top 6 marketing tips for 2021 and explain why operating with 'integrity' is key.


How your treat customers, suppliers and employees all matters. Always try to be fair and reasonable as anything less can impact your reputation and make your marketing counterproductive. Aim to keep word of mouth positive by considering how you can serve all of your stakeholders better. News of bad experiences unfortunately spread rapidly so counteract these with a commitment to excellent customer service, operating with integrity, and resolving any problems quickly. Ensure you give back by supporting charitable causes and fundraising initiatives; it’s all positive PR.

Use Video

Video is a quick and effective way of communicating your message and educating your audience. Online showrooms, product tutorials, customer testimonials, case studies, how to guides, tips and tricks, interviews and webinars that focus on small groups and allow interaction. Video boosts engagement by 300% on social media and it has never been easier to record with smart phones, edit and create - people love video that shows real life and oozes authenticity.

Customer Experience is Everything

Ensure every potential customer touchpoint oozes professionalism, inspires, reassures and delights. From how the phones are answered, through to the quality of product literature sent out, to what is seen on your social media channels and website, and the final product and pre/during/after service received - the message is always consistent and reflects your brand values.

Focusing on Products and Services

With uncertainty continuing into 2021, focus on being lean or conservative with your marketing plans for next 6-9 months. Stay laser-focused on your target audience and what brings a good return on investment. Above everything else, ensure you focus on delivering quality products and outstanding service.

PR, Case-studies, Reviews and Testimonials

Aim to spread positivity and excellence in your industry with a continuous influx of news, case studies and testimonials. Talk about what you are doing, new product innovations, new starters, initiatives and achievements. Collect testimonials from customers and encourage them to leave Google reviews to boost your local SEO rank and provide reassurance to future new customers. Take photographs of projects - before and after shots work very well - and video clips. Build case studies out of your best projects and submit them to magazines, publish them on your blog and social channels; this will demonstrate competence and boost credibility, attracting more similar projects.

Be Visible

Keep your business visible by investing in online and offline strategies. Create newsworthy content and distribute to industry magazines, which can be repurposed for your website’s news section and social media channels. Digital marketing has never been more important with more customers researching online than ever (70% higher due to social distancing). Bring your offline presence online by considering how your customers can experience what you offer. It’s important to know what your USPs are (unique selling points) and use these to differentiate yourself and stand out. Make sure your business is registered with Google my business so it shows up in local searches.

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