Digital Marketing - Planning, Hosting and Attracting Your Target Audience

Blogging is an effective digital marketing and PR tool for businesses, but where do you start? In this article we explain a useful process to follow when planning a blog.

Whether you plan to write your first ever blog or would like some advice on how to go about setting up a blog, these tips will help guide you.

In order to make blogging part of an ongoing strategy it is vital that you become organised and essentially streamline your approach to blogging. Before you become a blogging master, you will need to find a suitable platform to host your blog, think about who you will brand your blog and how you will attract your target audience.

Clear Goal Marketing - Online Marketing Strategy

Why should you create a blog? Follow the link if you need convincing.

Step 1.

What is the FOCUS of your BLOG?

  1. Consider who you are writing for?

  2. What information do they need?

  3. What is the aim of the blog? For example: Differentiate your product/service, information, remind people you are here or persuade/influence people.

Top tip: Focus on influencing the reader in a positive way, helping them move closer to their goals whilst selling a solution. A good balance is 80% help, 20% sales. Believe it or not, the best solution for your reader may not even be your product/service.

The point is not to mislead or persuade reader to purchase your product but present the facts so they can decide for themselves. This builds trust and demonstrates your company’s honesty and integrity whilst making your offer more appealing.

There is often more to the purchase decision than price, consider what you exactly offer versus your competition. What are your unique selling points? Portraying your product correctly is likely to attract more of the right type of leads saving you time.

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