Overcoming the annoyance of the blank page aka writer’s block

Struggling to put pen to paper? Nothing to write about?

You're not alone....

We address this top blogging problem with some practical tips on overcoming writer’s block in under 10 minutes

black page help

Struggling to make a start with your blog or think of a topic to write about? Fed up of starring at a blank piece of paper? It is very annoying.

There is nothing like a bit of time pressure to beat any kind of procrastination you may be experiencing and really focus the mind. Check out our tips below but first consider the environment in which you work.

If it's just not happening where you normally work, say at your desk or computer, why not change your surroundings? You could sit in a different room where you feel more inspiration to write, or sit in your garden, venture down to a cafe, or sit in your local park.

But for now, make yourself a cup of tea and while you drink it why not check out our "How to Avoid Writers Block Syndrome" tips below:


  1. Get a stop-clock or use your phone’s timer

  2. Grab a notebook and pen