Why Businesses Should Blog as Part of their PR Strategy

Why should businesses blog?

Fact about blogging

From a marketing perspective there are many benefits to blogging such as generating awareness, being able to express and promote a message to an audience in a way that is 'non-salesy', to be helpful in the decision-making process and to build trust and authority in sector. Blogging is therefore an effective public relations (PR) tool in an online digital marketing sense.

In terms of online content, blogging will boost website visitors, attract customers or clients and boost SEO ranking for target keywords and sector subject material. All sector experts should really be blogging and sharing their knowledge.

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Social media business pages have limited reach, however personal profiles can be used to engage with audiences (as seen on Linked-in) to promote company successes, investments and new products.

For example, through a personal profile of a CEO or MD a relationship with a real person can be formed which can have greater impact. Personal blogs written by organisation leaders, senior officials, departmental experts can be very successful.

Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website.

Knowledge is WASTED

A solution to a problem, knowledge that never gets shared, an untold story; all this information that could benefit an audience, sell a product, influence and help people - not communicating this is a massive INJUSTICE.