Strategic Marketing Planning: Research your Target Audiences Pains & Gains

When building a strategic marketing plan, it is important to carry out marketing research. Clear Goal Marketing gives some tips here on how to carry out and utilise market research - to define exactly what problems and issues your target audience are experiencing.

How will you solve your customers’ issues with your product offer by effectively turning your customers “pains” into “gains” for your business. To find this out you will need to undertake customer research by surveying a sample of your target audience.

Market Research

  • What are your target audiences likes or dislikes?

  • What attracts them to your product and service?

  • What don’t you know about your target audience? Look for areas of uncertainly where you are lacking information.

If your business requires a large investment, in order to lessen the associated risks, you may need to undertake more extensive research.

Create a research brief

  • What do you need to find out?

  • How can you obtain this information?

  • How many people will you need to ask (sample of audience)?

  • What questions will you ask (survey)?

  • What section of audience will you profile (age, sex, business, job title, location etc)?