Marketing Strategy & Tactical Planning:  Brand Personality, Differentiation & Key Marketing Tools

Differentiation - Marketing

When developing a marketing plan, the strategies and tactics that you will use are key. Clear Goal Marketing explains how to effectively position your product or service in the marketplace; considering things like the brand personality that you will project and how you will differentiate yourself.

How will you stand out?

Consider the market you are entering/operating in and how you will effectively compete.

Who is your biggest rival?

How will your offer stand out and what will attract your target audience?

What will differentiate your product or service?

What is your market positioning?

Niche or mass market? Multi-channel?

Will you compete on price or offer a premium product and/or service?

How will you add value to your target audience?

Brand personality – logo, strapline and brand portfolio

Do you have a set of corporate guidelines for your company that dedicates how your brand is presented to the world? This is important in order to maintain consistency across all your marketing and build your brand image. Your logo should display clearly your company name and project your core values through the colours you use, i.e:

Red = passionate, active, exciting, bold, energy, youthful, physical, pioneering

Pink = Love, calm, respect, warmth, long-term, feminine, intuitive, care, assertive

Purple = Deep, creati