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Joining Forces: Sales and Marketing Consultants Collaborate

In this instance it could be described as the ‘clash of the marvels’, when two consultants working within the sales and marketing arena decide to join forces. Wendy Fenney and Keith Rozelle are finding that by collaborating is when the magic happens. It was 18 months ago when Wendy Fenney and Keith Rozelle connected. Wendy was looking for some sales coaching support for her marketing consultancy business, she came across Keith’s credentials on LinkedIn and got in-touch.

Both in the early growth stages of business, they found they had a rather lot in common in business (including superheroes in their brands), a passion for sales and marketing, Brindley Place, and a love of podcasts, Peaky Blinders and Snow Patrol. It was then, when, Sales Marvel and Clear Goal Marketing considered how they could potentially join forces to form a collaboration that could solve a great problem for small to medium sized businesses. Being well networked in many groups, including the Institute of Directors and Chamber of Commerce, combining their expertise to form a partnership was really a no-brainer. Alike in many ways, both consultancies have a focus on ‘results orientated methodology’ and working as part of a team. Keith has 30-years’ experience in identifying, creating and closing B2B sales across a range of business sectors including Utilities, Transport, Financial Services, Telecoms and Higher Education. Wendy is an experienced marketer with 20 years’ experience in Construction, Engineering and Technical Products sectors.

Wendy Fenney says “Sometimes you just meet someone and gel instantly. Upon speaking to Keith, I found his passion for sales strategy very enduring and his ability to explain complex theories in an easy-to-understand way truly invaluable. Both being from a corporate background, I felt we had stacks in common in business; growing our companies simultaneously and sharing our successes as well as struggles, and supporting one another. I’ve met many sales ‘wide-boys’ in my time, Keith is totally different and companies and sales professionals could benefit immensely from Keith’s knowledge. Within a company, sales and marketing are, in many ways, rivals and scapegoats; one always blaming the other for missed sales targets or arguing over who contributes the most. With that said, however, I know that great results are achieved when the powers are perspicaciously aligned.” Sales Marvel and Clear Goal Marketing together will help SME businesses within the construction, engineering and manufacturing sectors, with developing not only effective sales and marketing strategies, but also development and refinement of professional selling skills. Keith Rozelle commented “I am delighted to be working with Wendy, I feel we really cement (no construction pun intended) each other’s skill sets to form an invaluable team. Over the past year my sales coaching business has formed many collaborations that has resulted in lecturing at Aston Business School and co-hosting the Thrive in Sales podcast. The pandemic really is a challenging time for everyone, and therefore even more so rewarding to be supporting businesses right now. It’s takes a proud and wise head of sales to see the advantage of investing in the team to keep their sales skills top-notch. Times are changing, and sales team now being based from home, phone deals require a different approach. Already actively working on projects together, it is an exciting time for both Wendy and Keith and the companies whom are sure to benefit from their joint experience. For more information contact Wendy or Keith via their websites:


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